The following testimonials represent just a small sample of the positive feedback Jean has received from her clients. Please note that names have been withheld to protect client confidentiality:

“Jean has been the voice of reason I have needed to help me get through lots of difficult times in my life. She’s a great listener and truly wants to help me sort out what needs to be done to get me where I need to be. She always goes the extra mile for me and I’ll be forever grateful for our counseling sessions and times together.”
~ T.S.

“Jean Bringol is unquestionably the most talented counselor I have ever seen. She is able to weed through years of emotional clutter with her spiritually guided precision and intuition. With her guidance, I am finally living the life God wants me to lead and have never been happier!”
~ B.M.

“When I sought out therapy for physical challenges, I decided after a year and a half that I was looking for what traditional doctors did not provide. When I found Jean online, I prayed asking God to guide me to the right person. After our first meeting I knew I had found the right person for me. She asked at the end of our session if she could pray for me. I was amazed at her solid relationship with God while she seemed so knowledgeable in research-based therapies. I was instantly at ease by her prayer.

I continued seeing her weekly for several months. Each visit built upon the last. Today, I am happy, joyous, and free. Some of my symptoms are still present in my life, but now I have tools to use and a positive attitude. I no longer fear the future but am excited to see what it offers. Some of the process was painful but well worth all of the effort she and I both invested in me.

I highly recommend anyone who has struggles in life whether mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional to seek out her care and guidance.

I live for the moment. I live in joy. My life has been transformed. “
~ A.F.

“Words cannot express just how much Jean has meant to me. She has been so influential and impacted my life greatly. She has taught me methods to help when I am anxious or in a stressful situation, methods that work well! She is genuine, and truly cares about me as an individual. She listens to all and gives sound advice. I have never felt so much freedom in my life to be the person God created me to be and I owe a lot of that to Jean.”
~ M.S.

“I have had the privilege of working with Jean Bringol as my counselor for the past several months. God brought her across my path at a time when I felt hopeless, discouraged and mentally exhausted. I was experiencing significant problems in several areas of my life that eventually led to the onset of chronic and debilitating health issues. From our first session together, I found Jean’s tender heart and empathetic spirit to be soothing balm to my hurting soul.

I have discovered that her knowledge, skill and expertise in the area of physical and emotional healing are unsurpassed. Her professional insight and wisdom have been the keys to helping me overcome some very difficult circumstances. Jean has taught me how to move from reacting as a victim under life’s challenges to responding as a victor above my circumstances! Words cannot fully express the difference that Jean has made in my life. For this, I am so very grateful! Thank you, Jean.”
~ S.P.

“Jean loves God and Jean loves people. I know because I know her well. As Christians, it’s difficult to admit that at times we can become ‘stuck’! We can become overwhelmed with life’s busy pace, sad over shattered dreams, even anxious about what tomorrow holds. As we choose prayer and as we trust God, often, we wait. We wait to see what He’s up to in our lives. We know that in this world, there are going to be trials. But waiting can be hard! What we don’t know is how God is going to get us through the rough waters, who He is going to use to help us navigate the process, and how He is going to ultimately use the pain in our lives. Jean is a very wise, loving counselor and there is no doubt how God has used her in the lives of thousands of people over the years – an empty vessel, filled by His spirit, pointing us back to shore and reminding us to LOOK UP for Him at times when it’s seemed we were sinking!”
~ S.R.

“After our EMDR session today, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel free from anxiety – like I can get some things off of my to-do list, and I have the energy to do them! The brain is an amazing organ and no one will ever be able to unravel all of its mysteries because The Maker of it is so almighty! I am so happy that He would give you such a “natural” therapeutic tool to create peace. Now encouraged and determined to work through some tough stuff for the Glory of God, I pray that God is able to use me to encourage the kids as He has used you to encourage us. Use this as a testimony. As a nurse, I am all about holistic and alternative approaches. EMDR is such a great tool to tell others about as I refer them to you!
~ A.M.

“I’m now approaching 30 years of marriage to my wife and can tell you, without a doubt, as I have said to countless people over the years – I wouldn’t be approaching 30 years of marriage to my wife (not even close to 30 years) if it were not for Jean Bringol. And, without hesitation, my wife would say the same. We thank God for you, Jean.”

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