2016 in REVIEW

img_1620Dear Friends: Just a note of wishing you a very blessed Christmas and most happy New Year. Have you ever glanced back over your shoulder while moving forward? This is what I’ve been doing recently as we approach the close of 2016. Mostly I’m just feeling blessed for family and friends and the many relationships I have in life.  The Lord has blessed me beyond measure.

My Family – Laura, Bill, Will, Grace & Paul

  • The year began with an amazing birthday party from friends who wanted to celebrate my life. Women came alongside to celebrate our friendship and fellowship in Christ through church, bible study, and neighboring.  It was a wonderful time of rest, prayer, and refocus on life.

Friends – Birthday Party

  • Just as I began to gain momentum, I was approached to travel to Africa…AFRICA! I   still can’t believe I made it there and back again.  There were so many needs and deficits in Uganda and Kenya.  Yet, the African people displayed so well the purpose of community through their similar needs.  Their voices often lifted in song as we arrived at each village.  The Western culture could learn so much from their helping one another.  I watched their faith in Jesus play out in their simple, though very hard life.  Walking as many as six miles a day to collect water for food and cleaning. (This makes the drought in Texas seem so trite in comparison.)


Pastor Raymond

  • Meeting with Pastor Raymond in Uganda will always be a favorite memory.  He is such a man of God, pastoring twelve churches each week and some many miles from his home. He ministers to his flock by way of a bicycle and did I mention he also farms as a means of income for his family? During the drought this year many were thankful to have only one meal a day.
  • Back home I am feeling grateful to work with friends in the prayer ministry of Jehovah Rapha.  This ministry comforts and nourishes my soul.  Praying for and with individuals in their need is most rewarding.  Seeing our Lord work in their lives affirms His many promises of always being with us to care, love, and protect.
  • As the year comes to a close, another opportunity is presenting itself through Partners Against Child Trafficking, (PACT).  Being available to assist and bring public awareness to the community of the devastating affects of child trafficking victims is a daunting task. Serving on the board of directors offers an opportunity to help put a plan in place to rescue the wounded and give voice to the broken hearted.  2017 gives hope for the least of those who are most in need.

My New Year prayer is that the Lord might use any new opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus in helping and comforting those in need.  In looking ahead, I’m wondering what other door will be opened in 2017. It’s been a good year and no doubt the Lord will provide another. In closing, I’m wishing a very good year for you as well. May His face shine upon you and fill your hearts with His joy, peace and love.



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